Big Meat News, AIMFight, BSR This Weekend and Kolera

</a></b></a>artsychick05 and the "Big Meat Show" will be off the air for about a week while she moves. Keep checking for an updated schedule.

Updated (every 5 mins) AIMFight statistics for people in the WKOL AIM Chat Channel are now available at . This page is very loosely based on an idea I got from the JAMS plugin (see </a></b></a>juberti_toarm) for the AIM Triton Beta.

As of right now, I am filling a slot on (very early) Sunday morning. I may be doing a late slot on Friday night (10-14-05) as well, but that is tentative...

So, Bomb Shelter Radio will be on from 3AM to 7AM Sunday morning. If you are awake, say hello :-)

I've caught one of the variants of the Kolera in KoL. The first contact players occasionally (and involuntarily) say -cough- in KoL Chat, I've found myself and some of my buddies saying (redacted for spoilers) instead. I wonder where the Hell this "plague" adventure arc will lead...

4 8 15 16 23 42

Yahoo and Microsoft to Cross Connect IM in 2006

Taken from ZDNet:

Consumers using the Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger programs will be able to exchange instant messages, see the presence of their contacts, share emoticons and add friends from either service, the companies said. Interoperability is expected to kick in during the second quarter of 2006.

Another Interface Hack For AIM Triton

Read this first before proceeding:

I spend a lot of time in a particular AIM chatroom (WKOL, Exchange 5, Instance 1). One of the things I discovered is that AIM Triton will rotate through a list of predetermined colors for screen names displayed in chat. The problem is that some of the seven default colors do not look good against the white background of the chatroom. And, it appears that this is another "Interface to be created later" feature in AIM Triton.

Here is an (unsupported) fix to change those colors...

File: strings.xml
Directory: C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1127921495\ee\services\imApp\ver0_6_17\resources\en-US

Original Entries:

<string name="imForm.chatColor0">#0000ff</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor1">#a9a9a9</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor2">#006400</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor3">#a52a2a</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor4">#ff7f50</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor5">#f5f5dc</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor6">#ff8c00</string>

Change to:

<string name="imForm.chatColor0">#ff0000</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor1">#ff8000</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor2">#808000</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor3">#008000</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor4">#0000FF</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor5">#8080FF</string>
<string name="imForm.chatColor6">#FF00FF</string>

Note that once again you are changing the value of tags, and not the tags themselves.

The result is that the program now cycles through ROYGBIV for chat screen names.

I like what I see in AIM Triton. My only frustration is that I no longer use MS Windows at home, so I'm limited in how often I get to use it. Hopefully we will see a Mac OS X or Linux version shortly.

it is my soap box ...

</a></b></a>visgoth posted an interesting response to a comment concerning 1st Amendment Rights. You can see that response here: . In general I agree with what he says, but I am concerned when corporations (et al) apply their policies unevenly, I ranted about one such incident last night on Bomb Shelter Radio.

However, it seems strangely appropriate to mock </a></b></a>visgoth by providing a place for people to comment on his 'locked posting'. So if you want to comment on his posting (in any way), do so here...

First Rule: Do Not Talk About (AIM) Fight Club

I have declared that AIMFight will be a theme of the next scheduled episode of Bomb Shelter Radio on 10/11/05, AIMFight is a silly game of mathematics connected to AOL Instant Messenger. You can read and play at .

In the hopes of making this more interesting and pumping up everyone beforehand, I would like the AIM users reading this to add the following AIM screen names to their buddy lists: FuzzFace00, IllyaKuryakinWKO and WkolChatBot. In return I will add your screen name to the buddy lists of those three users, and a couple of other ones I use for testing. In theory, this should beef up everyone nicely for AIMFighting.

Oh, and I'd like you to be online (in AIM) and listen to the show as well, information can be found at .

EDIT: Let me know here, or by e-mail to DJ.ILLYA@GMAIL.COM, what names I should add to my Buddy Lists.